All over the world, people aspire to the stylish, trendy look that granite counter tops has to offer. Sought after for their amazing durability and classic beauty, granite counter tops represent the ultimate in style and sophistication. Many perceive granite counter tops as being too expensive but that’s simply not true. At Proline Granite you will be surprised by the low prices and affordable options available, now is your time to shop. With stylish finishes at amazing prices, you can now take your home to the next level. View our product range for the stone of your choice, and please contact us today for a quote!

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Granite comes in many sizes, styles, and colours, giving you a wide range of options. Whether you’re looking for something dark and classic or light and modern, you can count on variety and quality. Whether you have a design idea in mind or are looking for suggestions, consultants are available to work with you to plan the perfect counter space for your home, kitchen, bathroom or office. With a trained eye, you can have the prefect results you’re looking for.